Fabian Lentsch

Skier, traveler, explorer. People call him Fabi, he’s the head of the Snowmads idea. 

People call him Fabi, he’s the head of the Snowmads idea, the one with the crazy ideas of traveling to places far away and a professional skier with an aim for big and steep lines. A humble and open minded person, a traveler and explorer, always on the hunt for new lines in places no one has ever been skiing before. Paragliding, biking, mountaineering, surfing and recently martial arts and skateboarding are what the Innsbruck based Austrian is doing when not driving the Snowmads Truck or skiing wild terrain. 

Snowmads Films: A Journey Towards Eastern Suns, Ya Mas
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»For me Snowmads is a way of life, there are no boundaries. You can do what you want.«