Kastanistan | Snowmads In An Imaginary Land Without Borders (2022)

The new wintersports film follows pro skier Fabian Lentsch and his local friend Nick Phaliani on a mountain mission in Georgia together with the Snowmads crew while the two transition into new roles

“Kastanistan | Snowmads in an imaginary land without borders” is a ski and snowboard film by NINE&ONE about Georgian mountain guide Nick Phaliani and pro skier and Snowmads mastermind Fabian Lentsch, who go on their first freeride skiing mission together setting up camp in a new zone in Georgia, which hasn’t been skied before and is nothing short of freeride paradise. It is a soulful tale of friendship, conquering challenges as well as an imagination of a land full of peace, love and spines.

After having met back in 2016 when Fabi visited Georgia filming for the first Snowmads skiing film both, Nick and Fabi, have gone through big transitions in their lives. Inspired by the Snowmads Nick has learnt to ski and become a certified mountain guide in just 3 years. Fabi has transitioned from being a freeride line hunting pro skier, to more and more also becoming a bridge builder between cultures and a mentor to others like the young Snowmads riders Konsti and Gabriel, whom he takes along on this unique, couragous and inspiring travel.

As the group conquers new ski and snowboard lines in mind blowing terrain on this mission it all feels a bit like a new found paradise. However paradise is threatened when young Snowmads rider Gabriel chooses a consequential no fall line on his snowboard. Nick has to prove himself as the main guide of the trip, while Fabi has to keep up with feeling responsibility as Gabriel’s mentor.
In the middle of threatened peace all over the world, this is also a film about how to find inner peace no matter where you are. The group calls this imaginary place without borders and full of peace and love KASTANISTAN.

A Film by: NINE&ONE
For: Snowmads
Produced and written by: Karin Lechner 
Directed and edited by:
 Raphael Pöham
Initiator and Line Producer: Fabian Lentsch
Assistant Director: Joi Hoffmann
Principal Cinematography: Raphael Pöham, Joi Hoffmann
Additional Drone Footage: Luki Schäfer
Sound Design and Mix: Izzy Cope
Stills Photography: Fabio Keck
Artwork: Anna-Maria Indrist

Featuring: Fabian Lentsch, Nick Phaliani, Gabriel indrist, Konsti Ottner,
Joi Hoffmann, Zura Phaliani, Gogita Chartolani

Executive Producer : Karin Lechner

Year of Production: Austria, 2022
Duration: 22 min
Language:  German / English / Georgian (EN subtitles)
Locations: Georgia

Bavaraian Outdoor Film Festival Audience Award 2nd Place

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currently not shown in Cinema

24.02.2024 BOFF Bayerisches Outdoor Film Festival AWARD NIGHT
Winter 2023/24 BOFF Bayerisches Outdoor Film Festival

20.01.2022 GERMAN PREMIERE: BOFF Bayerisches Outdoor Film Festival AWARD NIGHT
12.11.2022 PREMIERE Freeride Film Base, Metropol, Innsbruck

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