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Ya Mas – Snowmads in Greece (2017)

The Snowmads journey continues

In January 2017 big mountain skier and adventurer Fabian Lentsch hops back on his Snowmads Truck, hits the road again and heads down to Greece – straight into the winter of a century in the mediterranean country! The NINE&ONE production “Ya Mas – Snowmads in Greece” , Fabian and the Snowmads-crew once again reveal new paths and score spectacular skiing lines in regions that didn’t appear on any freeride map yet.

Deep powder in Parnassos, surfing in Crete, lines in Kalavrita and conquering Mount Olympus: the Snowmads exploit the full potential of vanlife travelling in the land of the gods and dive into one of the most ancient cultures we know.

A NINE&ONE production
Directed by Marco Freudenreich
Executive Producers: Karin Lechner, NINE&ONE
Year of production: 2017