Purity | A Snowmads Meditation on the Art of Experiencing Nature (2023)

The new production of the Snowmads crew is unusual for many reasons. In PURITY director Lukas „Luki“ Schäfer takes us on a meditative journey inside – and that does not need any words.

PURITY is an intimate cinematic meditative adventure initiated by big mountain snowboarder and Snowmads crew member Gabriel Indrist and is produced by Karin Lechner of NINE&ONE. The new Snowmads film is a non-verbal film that aims to give a voice to nature.

The stunning soundscape and awe-inspiring nature scenes depict the story of Gabriel, an Austrian big mountain snowboarder and member of the Snowmads crew, a community of freeriders and adventurers, as he immerses himself in the beautiful North, East and South Tyrolian mountains to go on an inner search. In this film it seems that emotions and thoughts as well as a feeling of connectedness come and go and flow just as in a meditation. Above all this aesthetic short film takes the audience on a meditative journey into nature.

This film is perfect for those days where you’re tired of talking, or hearing others talk and you want to just sit back and be swept away to beautiful mountain landscapes filled with aesthetic views, snowboarding, skiing and the magic of being alive.


Read what Snowboarder Gabriel Indrist says about his motivation to make this film:

It is the freedom and the wide views that enchant us high up on the summit. Away from all the stress of everyday life it seems as if we are in another world. The mountains give us a special lightness and some everyday worries that accompany us fly away. If we look and listen carefully, nature shapes and teaches us how to be in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. As a mountaineer for many years and as part of the Snowmads crew, I have learned over the past few years how important mindfulness in life and appreciation for our nature and our fellow human beings are. Both in everyday life and when freeriding, we often tend to make hasty decisions. The consequences of this can be beautiful but also frightening. „Purity“ aims to show how much we discover about ourselves when we spend time in nature.“ Gabriel Indrist

A Film by: NINE&ONE
For: Snowmads
Initiated by: Gabriel Indrist
Produced by: Karin Lechner 
Directed by: Lukas Schäfer
Cinematography: Lukas Schäfer, Moritz Liebl, Joi Hoffmann, Mario Käppeli, Daniel Tschutschenthaler, Gabriel Indrist
Editing: Lukas Schäfer
Production Support: Markus Ascher, Fabian Lentsch
Stills Photography: Lukas Schäfer
Artwork: Anna-Maria Indrist

Featuring: Gabriel Indrist
Also featuring: Konstantin Ottner, Moritz Amsüss, Lukas Schäfer, Markus Ascher

Year of Production: Austria, 2023
Duration: 14 min
Locations: North, East and South Tyrol

How to watch



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