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Snowmads – Sense of Home FULL MOVIE out now

Good news and good content for tough times and long days at home!

Dear Snowmads Friends,
We really hope this finds you well and healthy!
It’s a tough and uncertain time for everyone of us and still or especially now we feel it would be a good time to look back and share some nice content. Time to appreciate insane winter days, be thankful and dream away.
But not to forget: Look forward to good times in the mountains – mountain days will be back, that’s for sure! 
Let’s spread the word, stay healthy, lean back and enjoy „Snowmads – Sense of Home“. 

During the film festival season last fall our latest NINE&ONE production toured across Europe. Now we’re grateful to announce that „Snowmads – Sense of Home“ will be available on the Snowmads YouTube channel now.

Watch the full movie, subscribe for the Snowmads YouTube channel and never ever miss out on any Snowmads action anymore.

Professional freeskiers Fabian Lentsch, Markus Ascher and Roman Rohrmoser spend a winter at home in the Alps, experience enormous amounts of snow and describe their feelings and perspectives of „Home“. What is home for well travelled pro skiers, how does it feel for them and is home really connected to one specific location? 

Snowmads – Sense of Home is a short movie about one of the best winters Austria has seen in recent years, about discovering Austria with the Snowmads Truck, friendship and three different perspectives on home. 

A NINE&ONE production
Produced by Karin Lechner
Directed by Marco Freudenreich